The International Company for Constructions & Special Maintenance (INTERMAINT)

Projects With Cemex


Sup&Fab Chutes and Ducts (Mill)

Sup&Fab St. Str   For Main Dust collector
Sup&Fab St. Str  Dosing System
Sup&Fab Hoppers nd Pipes (Dosing system)
Sup&Fab of Steel Structure (Hoppers)
Supply ST . STR (Mill)
Milling Structural Erection
Milling Equipment Erection
Coke Mill
Main Dust Colect Structural
Main Dust Colect
Sup,Fub for main Dust Colector chutes
Erection of Steel Structure
Erection of Equipment
Sup&Fab of Steel Chute
Erection of Steel Chutes, Ducts and Hoppers
Extra work for calciner project
Bag Filter Line 3
Dosing system erection
Mech.installation of ESP Fan L3